Green Cal Clown

New activity at Cal Clown for dogs and their humans ❤️


Summer weekends for dogs!


Are you looking for a very friendly place to take your dog? Do you love nature?

Do you want to meet other humans that love their furry babies too? Then read on...


Where? At Cal Clown, a beautiful masia (farmhouse) in L'Alt Empordà, next to the river Fluvià.



The 6th, 13th, 27th of July, and the

3rd, 10th and 24th of August.


What will we do?


We will meet at Pontós at 5pm and from there we will go to the river (when it gets cooler we can meet before), and stay there as long as we wish.


Afterwards we will go to Cal Clown, to have dinner, play with our dogs, and chill out.

There will be activities for adults and the possibility of dancing, playing, chatting and getting to know other humans adopted by dogs.

You can either sleep in a tent or in the big circus tent with mattresses (later on we will be able to offer accommodation in the house).


On Sunday morning after breakfast we will go to Resclosa, another beautiful place on the river Fluvià, until 2 pm.


The Costa Brava is only at 30min from Cal Clown, if you wish to go before and after this event.


The driving distance from Barcelona to Pontós is 1.5h, 150km.


The cost for the whole event (meals aside, which you may also bring), is 25eu. Places are limited so please reserve yours asap!

These are intimate excursions, we try to facilitate relationships between the dogs and their humans, as well as peace and relaxation, and connection with nature.


If you already are a group, you may reserve a different date.

If you reserve for 2 weekends the cost is 45eu.


If you are interested, please contact thru WhatsApp on 0034 693972230, and we will send you more info and ways of payment.


For this weekend 6th of July, please hurry to reserve your place!


For more pics of the place you may visit, or my profile here. This is a new activity, we will be posting pics and videos about them very soon.


We hope you will find this offer interesting and that it will make you and your dog very happy!


English, Catalan and Spanish spoken.

Please share with nature and dog loving people, if you don’t live with a dog but love them you may come too ❤️


Happy & furry summer!

Green Cal Clown


At Cal Clown up until now we have been running courses dedicated to Clown, always aware that for some it is a healing power and for others it is a profession and a way of life. We understand the Clown as a path towards reconnecting oneself with joy and innocence, and as a way of helping others do the same. It is for this reason that we have dedicated so much time and energy to creating and maintaining this project, the Escola de Clown (Clown School), which is now going to be 10 years old since opening in Barcelona, and 7 years since moving to the woods of L´Alt Empordà.


The Escola de Clown is founded upon the solid belief that the healing which the Clown brings is of great benefit to us all, and helps us feel happier, more fulfilled and evolved. Now, at the beginning of 2016, at this time of such rapid changes in the collective consciousness, we feel that it is necessary to broaden the content of our activities. When it is obvious that our system is not working due to a lack of appropriate values, a space is generated which invites us to fill it with other values, more genuine and human and, of course, better for us and our relationship with the Earth, our disconnection with nature brings with it a disconnection with our own self, and has resulted in a society which suffers a lack of heart and truth. Our planet, our home, needs us to change our point of view, just as we need the healing which this new perspective will bring us.


It is urgent to heal the Earth and animals from our impact upon them. We do not have much more time for rectifying our actions. At a personal level we can do many things to improve the situation: being conscious of what we consume, becoming vegan, looking for alternative ways of living and acting which favour nature and animals. This can be produced by a greater level of consciousness, but also these life changes will generate that change in us. And, on the other hand, the healing of our relationship with nature requires, and at the same will set in motion, our own healing. There is so much we can do now!


And so, we propose to you from now on a series of activities and course related to reconnecting with nature, animals and our heart. We are beginning with this marvellous course, and we will be letting you know about others. If you wish to propose a specific activity, you can do so, and we also want to offer workshops and residencies for children in which t work the land; we accept suggestions along these lines.


“Nature is a place where you cannot buy or sell anything, only learn”, Joaquín Araujo 


Thank you and happy change of consciousness!


Clara Cenoz