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Online Clown Coaching and Directing

with Clara Cenoz, Director of Escola de Clown 'Cal Clown'

Online Clown Teaching, Coaching and Directing is a great way to develop your clowning in the direction you want it to go in

Have you ever wanted to come to Cal Clown, but you didn’t have the time or the money?

Do you want to do a clown course, but there are no teachers near where you live?

Do you have a clown idea, but you don’t know how to make it funny, or how to start?

Have you done clown courses, but don’t feel like doing any more, but would like some specific help and advice on your clowning?

Do you want to create a number that has a special meaning that says something, but don’t know how to make it clown?

Or maybe you already have a show and want to improve it or make it funnier? … without leaving your house.

Do you want a really experienced clown teacher to help you with your number and make it better?

Do you want to able to work at the hours you are available?


If you replied yes to any of these questions, I can offer you some help.

I love helping people become more themselves and to be funnier.

I truly enjoy finding people’s uniqueness and stupidity.


Who will help you?

Clara Cenoz has been a Clown since 1993 and a teacher for over 15 years. She has been director of the Escola de Clown de Barcelona since 2006. During that time she has helped hundreds of students from all over the world to encounter the Clown and to create unique and personalised numbers. She has performed and written more than 12 shows, touring festivals, theatres, streets, tents and bars throughout Europe.

You can see Clara’s work here

















In which ways can I help you?

Choose the best online option for you and I will offer you all my knowledge and support at any time we are both available, for as long as you want or require. Work at your own pace and when it’s good for you!


1. Online Personalised Teaching/Clown Coaching

Receive the exercises and tasks most appropriate for you, and get feedback and guidance according to your specific needs.

2. Online Direction for Generating/Developing Ideas

Receive direction and guidance on your own creative process. Let me know your ideas, and I will help you find, develop and direct your unique personal material.

3. Online Direction for your Number or Show

I can help you improve and/or extend your clown number/show, using either material we have created together or using an act or show that you already have.


All these options can be combined according to your needs. All you need to do is tell me what you want, or what you think you require, and we go from there!

Contact us to discuss your needs:

Whatsapp +34 693972230


Personalised One-to-One Clown Coaching and Directing Sessions


The prices apply equally to one-to-one zoom time (both teaching and directing numbers), or to my time reviewing your videos and writing my feedback. You can choose whether you prefer to show me your work in live sessions, or send it to me and receive feedback later. You can work on the improvements either on your own or together with me.


You can book a single session of an hour and a half, and then continue from there, or reserve more sessions in advance, which works out cheaper.


The sessions are 1 hour 30 min


One-off session: €35


Two sessions (3 hours): €65


Three sessions (4 hours and 30 min): €87


Four sessions (6 hours): €108


You can distribute this time as you wish, just tell me about your wishes and needs and we will organise from there 😁


My sessions are very intensive. I will give you lots of feedback and ideas to work on. I will also think about your Clowning when not in the session, with no extra cost 😁

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