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Next in-person courses at Cal Clown!

Take Your Clown Out on the Street and Spread Joy and Love 💟 


4-Day course in nature, with practice in the city.


Dates: 24th-27th June

Price (course and accommodation): 

160€ if you pay before 1st June

185€ if you pay after 1st June

(plus 25€ if you arrive on the 23rd)



Either on the 23rd at 7pm and we celebrate San Juan together

Or on the 24th before 10am

Meals (vegan): you can bring food from home or we shop and cook together.

Limited places.


We will lay the foundations of clowning, how to ‘be’ and connect with the audience. We will work on how to approach and ask for permission to play, and how to make offers to play, and which ones.  

We will learn valuable ways of improvising in the street.

We will construct a Clown costume for you to bring your clown out into the light.  


You will see how easy it is to connect and play with people, and that with adequate guidance you’ll have no problem in improvising!


Clowning on the street is an incredible experience which will swell your heart 💟 

It’s amazing how much people do want to connect, if you know how to approach them. You will receive much more than you give!


We will make connections between ourselves even though we will maintain distance, the tent is immense and open, and you can eat and sleep in the house or outside if you prefer, or bring your van, or a camp in a tent.

If the course cannot be held due to restrictions on movement, we will postpone it to a later date.


About the courses


Give yourself a present and come and enjoy a few days living a beautifully intense experience, which is healing, fun and enriching!

Surrounded by nature and great people, we will disconnect and centre on ourselves and our joy and feelings, and on how we can bring more happiness to others 💟 

We will make connections between ourselves even though we will maintain distance, the tent is immense and open, and you can eat and sleep in the house or outside if you prefer, or bring your van, or use a Cal Clown caravan, or a camp in a tent.


We will go to the river to refresh ourselves, and to the city to spread joy 😁


The food is vegan and we will prepare it together


Maximum 9 students @, reserve your place!


In Gerona, Catalonia

WhatsApp +34693972230

Rediscover your pleasure in playing, and reconnect with your innocence. Loved by the audience, it´s then when our Clowns are born, when we consciously give ourselves the freedom to be who we are, perfect in our imperfection, beautiful in our naivety and clumsiness. You will learn the formulas of Clown and Humour. We will do at least one trip out to practise with audience, in the street or a centre.

We will start from zero, from the foundations of the Clown. We will rediscover our pleasure in playing, and we will reconnect with our innocence. From that place we will realise that, as we are not hiding anything, as we are innocent like children, we are loved by the audience. It´s then when our Clowns are born, when we consciously give ourselves the freedom to be who we are, perfect in our imperfection, beautiful in our naivety and clumsiness.

You will live a Clown birth in the middle of Nature.

We will go to Figueres with our Clowns to make new friends ;-)

We will watch films and our own videos of class and the street.

What makes us funny, which are the necessary elements to be a good clown and which is the secret formula of the clown to always have success.

We will work on the fundamentals of Clown:

Pleasure. The pleasure we have in play, in being alive. How to recognise it and maintain it, what happens when you lose it and what to do then.

The Flop. What it is exactly. What happens when the Flop comes and what to do then.

The trick to having certain success. How it works and why, if you do it well, it is impossible to fail in Clown.

Innocence. Redefining this concept, and becoming aware of why it is vital for the Clown, and which results we can achieve by being more innocent.

This Clown Course is suitable for either absolute beginners or more experienced Clowns.

13th-19th September

Introduction to Clown: celebrating our uniqueness



24th-27th June

Take Your Clown Out on the Street and Spread Joy and Love 💟 


2nd - 6th August

Introduction to Clown: celebrating our uniqueness


9th - 13th August

What makes your clown stand out? Creating your unique and personal numbers

13th-19th September

Introduction to Clown: celebrating our uniqueness


Urgent Exchange Offer!


Would you like to do a Clown course but can’t afford it?

Or do you fancy spending a few days in nature, in Good company, growing as a person?


I offer you an Exchange of your hours of work for a fantastic Clown course 😁


Days for your contribution: 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd June (arriving on the evening of the 18th)


Days on the course: 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th June.


Accommodation is included during these days.

Either in a shared room, tent or in your own vehicle.  


Meals are the students’ responsibility, shopping to be done as a group in order to be economical, and Will be vegan as is usual at Cal Clown.  


To see photos and for more info about Cal Clown and Clara’s work, visit  


What do we require?


Enthusiastic people who are able to work, and keen to learn the noble art of Clown and to get out of their comfort zone. 😉


The work tasks Will vary but Will basically be maintenance of inside and outside spaces, such as painting, gardening, cleaning, repairing, tidying and arranging costumes in the tent, etc.  


We are also looking for a vegan cook for these days, and someone with skills for looking after dogs and who would like to spend time helping them.  


The exchange worker/student Will be responsible during their whole stay for keeping their room, kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy, as well as communal spaces.


Work hours Will be six hours per day; class hours Will be six hours per day, sometimes more.  


Number of Exchange workers: maximum 10. It will be an advantage if you bring your own vehicle, but it is not obligatory.  


If you are interested, please write to  or +34 693972230 (messages only), explaining your motivation and skills.


IMPORTANT NOTE: there Will be various kinds of Exchange opportunities in July, August and September, here is a brief idea of what we will be looking for:


Clowns who want to perform their number sin public.


Vegan cooks.


Collaborators during the courses in August:


People with skills in teaching about: vegan cookery, medicinal and edible herbs, self-sufficiency and how to reduce expenses in general, protection from electromagnetic frequencies and how to eliminate heavy metals, qigong, and other knowledge which empowers us to live more consciously, more freely and independently from the system.


People who want to run workshops for children in self-expression and development, and in connecting with nature.


If you have a skill that you would like to share, if it’s in the line of greater consciousness, please do write to me.  


Some activities may be paid, for example if you want to organise a workshops at Cal Clown.


Thank you for sharing this with other interested people 


August Courses


2nd - 6th August

Introduction to Clown: celebrating our uniqueness


9th - 13th August

What makes your clown stand out? Creating your unique and personal numbers



225€ per course if you pay before 30th June

250€ per course if you pay after 30th June


400€ for both courses if you pay before 30th June

450€ for both courses if you pay after 30th June


Option to stay on the 7th and 8th for an extra cost

To find out more about courses, you can:


Check the conditions, photos and feedback at


Write via WhatsApp +34 693972230


Email us here


Come to an information meeting on zoom (dates to be announced)


Or join one of Clara’s online classes to see how she works


If you have no income, but you are very keen on studying at Cal Clown, you can contact Clara with a specific exchange proposal.

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Clown courses at Cal Clown for all

“There is nothing like Clowning to remind us that life, no matter how difficult it may seem, is always a game, and that we can keep the spirit of playing alive if we live our life fully, and then learn to let go and reconnect with Joy. Joy is always there for us, regardless of the circumstances, it´s what we are made of, it´s what Clowns “are”. When a person learns this, not only their life changes but they can offer this Joy to others.“ (Clara Cenoz)

For those who do not intend to dedicate themselves professionally to Clown, the short course constitutes a very enriching experience as well as serving to liberate prejudices and fears, leading to greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.

We will put on a red nose in order to remove our masks, to be re-born as clowns. We will admire each other for our stupidity and together will make fools of ourselves, enjoying the healthy craziness and innocence of the clown. We will work on the next concepts in practice: pleasure, flop, emptiness, the “not knowing”, the simplicity of the mental process of the Clown. We will explore, investigate and demonstrate what is it really that makes us funny, and what aspects we need to develop in our Clowns to make them work. We will understand the simple but effective formula to always have success as Clowns.


A workshop aimed at those who want to discover or continue searching for their clown, for those who want to be freer, to accept themselves completely and to take full responsibility for their whole being, in order to be better Clowns. It could be a transforming and enlightening experience, and for sure a very fun and enriching time. 


At Cal Clown we work on Clown in depth and rigorously, expecting from students commitment, passion and dedication, which is the only way, we believe, to achieve all the benefits of this profession/state of being, whether professionally or as a spiritual path. Making people laugh through Love is a serious business, in our opinion. 

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A course at Cal Clown is a complete experience where Nature will aid in freeing your Clown, and where living together with other Clowns will intensify the experience and accelerate your learning.


More info and enrolment: and +34 693972230 (tel. or WhatsApp)

Come and spend some days in the company of fellow clown-lovers. As well as laughing at ourselves and each other in clown class, we will share living, cooking, eating and playing in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Cal Clown in the middle of nature. A unique collaborative experience, where play and work merge!

Taught by Clara Cenoz:

Clara Cenoz has been a Clown since 1993 and a teacher for 15 years. She has been director of the Escola de Clown de Barcelona since 2006. During that time she has helped hundreds of students from all over the world to encounter the Clown and to create unique and personalised numbers.

She has performed and written 7 shows for adults and 4 for children, touring festivals, theatres, streets, tents and bars throughout Europe. She trained at École Philippe Gaulier. Now, in addition to running the School, she offers Clown courses and directing and online.

Price includes: Classes, accommodation, trips to perform; use of tent and use of facilities at Cal Clown.

Price does not include: food

The food and its cost are the students’ responsibility. Students will be responsible for deciding shopping lists as a group and doing the shopping, which will be organised by the school and using the minimum amount of time as possible out of class, or done after street exercises.

The cost of the food will depend on the students’ choices, but if done wisely should not be much (please remember the food at Cal Clown is always vegetarian).

Please read general course conditions before enrolling