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Si es así, sigue leyendo para saber cómo suscribirte a sus fideos privados, y recibirás alegría en tu día a día!

( "Fideo" es cómo ella llama a sus videos, porque según ella, están de rechupete 😂! )


Son fideos cocinados para TI, para que te sientas bien y puedas ver el lado positivo de las cosas, y sobre todo para que recuerdes lo increíble que eres, el Amor que vive en ti, y en todas las situaciones ☺️❤️❤️❤️


Son fideos hechos con todo el HuAmor, directos a tu corazón ❤️


También puedes regalar esta suscripción a alguien que creas que lo va a disfrutar ☺️☺️☺️☺️


Si te suscribes a algunos de sus fideos, también recibirás ofertas de sus "Fideos para un ser querido", con los que podrás felicitar, agradecer o disculparte, y muchas cosas más!


Cómo te suscribes? Muy fácil!


Cada mes de suscripción es 1eu de aportación, y 2 fideos de ilusión 🥰, así hasta un año de Fideos de Alegría, que son 12eu de tontería! 😂

Tú escoges cuántos meses quieres comer fideos, y yo te los mando a domicilio 😂

Por cada euro que me envíes tendrás dos fideos, y verás cómo te ríes!

Si envías más de 12eu, entenderé que es una donación, y te lo agradeceré de corazón 💓


Manda la donación que desees a:


PayPal: escoladeclown@gmail.com ( por favor escoge opción "familia y amigos" 🙏 )


Transferencia bancaria:

Nombre del banco: Wise

IBAN BE33967299476146


Dirección del banco: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels 1050, Bélgica

A nombre de: Clara Guillermina Huerta Cenoz

( Si te piden más info ponte en contacto conmigo 🙏 )


Muy importante: pon tu dirección de email asociado a YouTube en "asunto", para que podamos mandarte tus Fideos Deliciosos!


Y el 11 de Junio verás tu 1er Fideo de Alegría 🥰, el 25 de Junio el 2ndo, y así cada 15 días, para mantener nuestra vibra bien arriba 😁💪!


Nuestra payasa necesita recaudar 120.000 eu para que no le quiten su casa y la de su humana 🙏, puede conseguirlo si 10 mil personas se suscriben a sus fideos por un año, quién dijo que eso no es posible!!? 😂 Ayúdale a conseguirlo compartiendo por favor 🙏💓💓


Es MUY urgente, sólo tiene unos pocos meses para conseguirlo! 🙏

Sólo vosotras podéis salvarla, lleva años intentando vender la casa, ahora necesita un pequeño milagro ☺️🙏☺️🙏


Si le ayudas, ella te lo devolverá llevándote a su mundo mágico, en el que el humor y la sabiduría te darán vitaminas para vivir en el mundo de los humanos 😁💓💪


También puedes ayudarle suscribiéndote a su canal, donde verás otros fideos tontos y gratis, y compartiendo este fideo!






wassap 0034 693972230




“How to be a good Clown” and “How to create Clown numbers”, two courses that make Clowning very easy 🥰


Have fun and learn how to create Joy for others this autumn, with a very experienced teacher, director of the international clown school ☺️ Cal Clown Escola de Clown




From the 25th of October to the 20th of December (9 two-hour sessions, plus follow up during the week in WhatsApp)

Time: 7 to 9 pm (Madrid time)

Language: English

Maximum number of students: 7

Cost: 90 euros for 18 hours of class.

(If you do both courses, total 155 euros)


This course will help you find your clown in a fun and profound way, and to really understand how clowning works, so you can be an independent and creative artist that brings Joy to the world ❤️.

It will help you connect with your inner Joy and innocence. It' s a very refreshing experience that will give you energy to be on the bright side of life, and to want to share that with others.


I will also give you optional exercises that you can try out on the street.




From the 27th of October to the 22nd of December (9 two-hour sessions, plus follow up during the week in WhatsApp)

Time: 7 to 9 pm (Madrid time)

Language: English

Maximum number of students: 7

Cost: 90 euros for 18 hours of class.

(If you do both courses, total 155 euros)


We will look for those tricks / skills or non skills/ manners / speeches / activities etc, that really make your heart and comic nature show, and you will understand how to shape them into something funny.


Also, we will look for your personal message to humanity, and look for different ways of getting it across to others.


We will create numbers that you can perform in many different spaces: street, online, cabarets, theatres, etc.


I will also give you optional exercises that you can try out on the street.


Bringing Joy to the world is a great thing to do, and so much easier than we think!

The secret is to allow yourself to show who you really are, and let others enjoy you 🥰


More info here: https://escoladeclown.wixsite.com/escoladeclown/online-clown-courses


Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/1121818932100232/1121818975433561/


Details of all online clowning options here: https://escoladeclown.wixsite.com/escoladeclown/onlineclowning




She has been teaching for the last 24 years, and also doing it online for the last 5 years.


If you want to read about Clara, click here: https://escoladeclown.wixsite.com/escoladeclown/claracenoz


Clara's online classes have been such a resounding success, with people from all over the world enjoying weekly sessions of creativity, laughs, with some advancing considerably in their understanding of the Clown, whilst others were happy to have a great time. 💟


It’s been wonderful for me to be able to work with people who are so far away but establishing an intimate space which helps increase self-confidence, and to see how we generate a caring connection in spite of the screens and thousands of kilometres between us …


The courses are suitable for any level, as I give each person the tasks most appropriate to you, which you can complete as you can and wish.


No experience required, just the desire to express yourself through the beautiful and fun path of the Clown!


This online course will lift your spirits and stimulate your self-esteem and creativity!




Here are some of my online students’ comments:


“Clara is a fantastic teacher for all your clowning endeavours! Why not try something new? Clowning has helped me in all areas of my work and life including support/care work, teaching, people skills and performance. We are all naturally clowns! I learnt so much about myself and it's a lot of fun!”


“Hi Clara.  Thanks for yesterday's class. I felt very energized after it. I appreciate that You put a lot of thought and effort into planning the class, It kept us on" our toes ".!! 🤪”


“I was stuck and could not find any more ideas, and the way you work with us is to provide the fire of imagination!”


"I'm loving your classes, they are so nice and fun, and you are so generous"


“I watched the video of last week’s class. Funnier than anything that’s on TV these days. See everyone later today.”


“Thank you for your approach. Although we are online, you give us a very deep sense of the clown through your exercises. As well,  you have no judgement, but you are very relevant in your comment.”


“Yes!!! I love this possibility of creation, and to have authorial and personal perspective for my clown. It is a place that gives voice to ourselves, our thoughts, our conflicts. I love this perspective.”


“I thought your class last Tuesday was excellent. It was such a wonderful experience to be in the clown persona. I'm still buzzing after it and I feel it's shifted a couple blocks in my life. Clara you certainly are the best. You been so encouraging to me as I'm quite nervous and a complete beginner.”


Although I will always adapt to the needs of each group, these are some of the areas we will work on - my goal is always:


-That you are as comfortable as possible in the situation of wanting to make others laugh, from a state of openness, innocence and vulnerability.


-That you understand how to reach that state of purity and beauty of the Clown.


-That you know the law of failure and success, and why honesty is vital.


-That you understand how humour works.


-That you accept yourself, in all your complexity and fragility, and that you ENJOY being who you are, making others laugh with your peculiarities and authenticity.


-That you create personal numbers from exploring your tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.


-That you acquire enough criteria to be able to create your own numbers in the future.


To reserve your place send a WhatsApp to 0034 693972230, or an email to escoladeclown@gmail.com


"The Clown holds the torch of Hope for those who want to really live"


Thank you for reading ❤️