Funding and Bursaries


Call for Applications


Attention Clowns!


Have you wanted or needed to do professional Clown training but couldn’t afford to?


The Escola de Clown “Cal Clown” is creating a project to provide bursaries for those of you who require economic assistance to come and study with us. The purpose of the project is for you to be able to receive full Clown training, plus broad practical experience in Social Clowning settings, on one of our renowned One-Month Professional Clown Courses.


If you are one of those Clowns who has wanted to come to our school but who hasn’t been able to for financial reasons, this might be your opportunity!


Do you live far away and cannot afford to travel to us?

Do you come from a country where, when you change money into our currency, the Euro, you are left with very little?

Do you live in Europe but are unwaged or low-waged, perhaps because you are dedicating yourself to Clown or other cultural activities which are difficult to earn a living from?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, respond to our questions below to let us know why you should be considered for a bursary.


“take advantage of this great opportunity to make your clown grow, it is 100% worth it I travelled from another continent and I do not regret it ... recommended” (Marco “Tutto” Seas, Costa Rica, Cal Clown student)


The criteria we use for selection will include:


Financial need

Impact on your capacity to work in Clowning the future

Conscientiousness as a student

Ability to get on well with fellow students and with teachers, as well as being comfortable in a rural setting in the middle of nature where respect for the environment is a necessity

The application process:

1. You send us your application

2. We select the candidates, based on meeting our criteria and aiming to cover a wide range of candidates according to: country, age, gender, etc.

3. We run our funding campaign

4. Depending on how much money we raise we will select the number of candidates who can take advantage of the funding available


We invite you to apply for a bursary to cover some or all of your costs in studying with us and realising your potential in Clowning, in particular in Social Clowning.


Please write to us telling us the following information:


1. Full name

2. Nationality

3. Age

4. Country of residence

5. Experience of clown training so far (if any)

6. Experience working in Clowning so far (if any), and in Social Clowning (if any)

7. What inspires you to work in Clowning or Social Clowning?

8. What aspect(s) of your clowning do you feel needs working on (if any)?

9. What financial reasons prevent you from studying clowning? (try and be as specific as possible, e.g. the cost of study in Europe? the cost of travel? your income?)

10. What do you think you could do if you had the opportunity to study with us? How would that help your project(s) and what do you think you would do with the knowledge and experience received in our school?

11. Tell us about your dreams/projects related to clowning and Social Clowning as specifically as possible.

12. Why would you choose Cal Clown as a place to study?

13. Are you motivated to study at a school that is located in the middle of nature, and to collaborate in household tasks on a residential course?

14. Any other comments?

15. Send us a picture of yourself, either dressed as a Clown or in normal clothes.


Remember to include information that could convince people to donate to the funding campaign. If we select you as a candidate for a bursary, donors will respond to your dreams if you explain them well!


Remember to include information that could convince people to donate to the funding campaign. If we select you as a candidate for a bursary, donors will respond to your dreams if you explain them well!


You can send us your responses by email: before 17th June 2018 at the latest

We are now accepting further applications for future courses, until 15th July


We are aiming to offer a One-Month Course from October which will be announced soon, related to the success of our campaign.

This is the first time that we are looking to fundraise so we do not know yet how long it will take us to achieve satisfactory results.

Regardless of the result of this first attempt, we will pursue in our efforts to make your dream possible!

So even if these dates are not suitable for you, we would love to have your information for future courses, so please do apply anyway!

About us


The Escola de Clown ‘Cal Clown’ (‘The Clown House’ Clown School) was founded in Barcelona in 2006 by Clara Cenoz and Jon Davison. We were pioneers in Spain in providing regular clown training.


There is a growing demand both for training and also for a variety of services that clowns can offer. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the popularity and acceptance of the figure of the Clown, meaning that nowadays we reach places where previously it could have been unthinkable: prisons, hospitals, humanitarian expeditions, old people’s homes, and a lot more.


We have spent the last 12 years providing training on a residential basis in the middle of nature (the first 18 months beginning in Barcelona). This intensive experience is not so common, since the majority of courses are short and in urban settings, or where students don’t live together. The residential course favours a rapid learning process and a greater assimilation, as well the possibility of working all day if so desired.


These courses also allow us to make frequent visits to various centres in the city of Figueres, from hospitals to mental health centres, prison or children’s homes.


We have been collaborating with these centres for 9 years and our presence is much appreciated and welcomed, to the extent that both citizens in Figueres miss the clowns on the streets during winter, and the patients in those centres count the days for the Clowns visits!


Unfortunately, not everyone who would like to benefit from this intensive training can do so, for financial reasons. In spite of that, some students do manage to travel from far away, but at the cost of enormous sacrifices. But many more have not been able to do so as yet and would benefit from being able to work with other clowns in humanitarian contexts.


About the School’s Director:

Clara Cenoz has been living for Clowning during the last 25 years, learning it, performing it, analysing it, teaching it, and finally creating and running the Escola de Clown for the last 11 years, with students from all over the world learning and creating shows in record time!

She has participated in international humanitarian Clown expeditions to Mozambique, Brazil and Nepal.

Her latest achievement as a Clown teacher is her Online Clown Course and her Clown Coaching live sessions.

During the last years of intensive teaching, Clara has reached the point where she is almost exclusively interested in the social and spiritual benefits of Clowning, both for those who practise it and also for those who receive it. As well as her great love for joy and creativity with humour.

We are very excited about this new endeavour and hope you will be as enthused as we are, and we encourage you to apply!