Upcoming course dates

New Online Clown Courses weekly!

Groups in English and Spanish

details here

Short Clown Courses in July, August and September 2020 details here


Courses of a few intensive days, in which you will experience a great transformation, and you will take away a great deal of knowledge and an unforgettable experience. 


Life in Nature, sharing together, the dogs at Cal Clown, vegan food, the classes in the magical tent, the walks, the trips to perform in the city, all these things are what make the courses at Cal Clown a unique Experience, and one at a great Price!


No experience required, all courses adapt to the students’ level and we always begin with the foundations of the Clown.


Being Clown heals you and those who connect with you.


You too can do these courses


If you are wanting to express and free yourself, grow and accept yourself and, as well, maybe discover a new occupation that will fill your life with meaning and love, get in touch with us!

Super Clown News!


For the first time you can see for free nearly one whole video of Clara' s Online Clown Course!


Now you can see for yourself how in- depth, fun and easy this way of learning Clowning is!


Ways to come to Cal Clown:

On a course, of different lengths, short or long

To the Social Clown Residency for 2 months

On work exchange, only available sometimes

Renting a room, shared or not, for different periods of time, alone or in a group, using the tent to rehearse, or enjoying the environment

And now ... you can come and live at Cal Clown!

More info on +34 693972230

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