Exchange Workers and Collaborators

Do you want to do a course at Cal Clown but can’t afford it?

Are you a positive person who enjoys working?

If so, then our exchange offer might interest you!

When? Available on selected courses only.

Contact us to enquire.


Work is on the facilities at Cal Clown, the house and tent with one rest day, followed by the clown course.


The type of work will be very varied and will be adapted according to the abilities and skills of each person, we just require commitment and energy to be followed by a great learning experience with Clara, which will transform your vision of Clown and life.


You will stay at Cal Clown, enjoying the magical setting with daily walks to the river.


Email us at or by WhatsApp on +34 693972230, letting us know about your interest and your abilities, if any (gardening, carpentry, painting, etc.).

Coming with your own vehicle will be beneficial for all.

We ask you for a deposit to help us cover the costs of your staying (gas, water, etc.) 

The meals are the worker's/student’s responsibility and food is bought as a group and is vegan


If you’d like to read more about our courses and see photos of where we are:


If you’d like to know about the conditions for staying and studying:


If you’d like to read about students’ experiences:


Don’t think twice about it, it’s a great opportunity to learn, enjoy, regenerate, grow …. And live!

General Exchange Work Conditions


The Exchange is: your hours of work in exchange for the same number of hours of class.


The exchange work is always to be done previous to taking the hours of class offered in exchange.  In a few rare occasions the exchange work may be done during a course, but this is exceptional and is usually only in cases in which responsibility is required and the person is capable of combining both things.


Since the exchange worker will live at Cal Clown, their stay will generate some costs of electricity, water, gas, wifi and food, which will be charged to them, both during the exchange work period and the time as a student.  


These costs are a few euros per day; the food being bought as a group (always vegetarian). This cost will vary according to the number of people, the season and other factors, but we shall inform you in each case.


Water is scarce at Cal Clown and in summer it must be delivered, which is expensive; we ask that Exchange workers moderate their usage and recycle it as much as possible. 


The Exchange worker will carry out daily hours of work and, additionally, the daily tasks of cooking and cleaning necessary for maintenance and well-being will be organised as a group. This time used in domestic chores is not counted as work exchange.


Likewise, exchange workers, before leaving Cal Clown, will leave all spaces used in the same condition as they found them.  


When the exchange worker arrives at Cal Clown they will be asked to accept by signing these conditions, and provide their ID or Passport number, and a deposit will be required, returnable on leaving.


The deposit is to cover any case of misuse of material at Cal Clown which may have caused any damage that the exchange worker is unable to repair themselves. If material is used correctly but has been damaged accidentally, the deposit will not be used unless the exchange worker so desires. There are many tools and material for the students at Cal Clown, we ask the Exchange workers to respect them as much as possible. Any material damaged or lost by negligence will be required to be replaced or repaired by the person responsible.


Exchange workers may suggest ideas related to the work, but must respect the final decisions and instructions of Clara, including the suggested timetables.


There are dogs and a cat living at Cal Clown, whose space and needs must be respected at all times.  


All private spaces at Cal Clown must be respected, including the privacy and rest time of Clara.


Food is vegetarian (preferably vegan) without exceptions, both during the exchange work period and the courses.    


These are the basic norms for exchange work, but exchange is something magical which can ‘happen’ through a relationship with Cal Clown, and from there generate new and different situations and projects. If you have a specific idea, don’t doubt in telling us.  


Please do not offer yourself for Exchange work if you do not really have enthusiasm for working, or if you are bothered by following someone else’s instructions, if nature or dogs bother you, if you need to eat meat, if you are bothered by recycling water, or if your way of seeing things is inflexible or you find it difficult to ‘flow’.


We ask for exchange workers when there is a need at Cal Clown or when we want to do new things. We cannot predict in advance when these needs arise, this depends on circumstances, people on a course, etc. please forgive us if at times we announce things with short notice, or if we do not reply immediately to your email, sometimes it is because we are awaiting further information in order to be able to reply adequately, but we will keep your contact details for future projects.


Even if you write to us for a specific time, we shall be able to let you know of future opportunities.


You can also visit our website from time to time to check whether we need exchange workers, or write to us regularly.


Cal Clown reserves the right to refuse admission, both on courses and for exchange work.  

If a person does not respect the conditions for staying at Cal Clown they will be asked to leave; the costs already incurred will not be refundable, but the remainder will be. Likewise, the number of days of class offered will be equal to the work done.