Come and Live with us

at the Clown Home


Cal Clown consists of a beautiful old farm house, a circus tent and plenty of space in the middle of nature.

Come and Live with us at the Clown Home


A place of retreat, of work or of rest, of laughter or of silence


From May, you can come to Cal Clown for a few days or several months ...


If you like nature, tranquillity and want to enjoy the magical space of the tent, and the Clown library and video library, or take a break, meditate and charge your batteries ... Cal Clown can be your home for a while!


You can be alone or, if you prefer, in a group ... There may be clowns, or "normal" people ...


You will be just a 10 minute walk away from the River Fluvià, with the beach half an hour by car, Figueres 20 minutes.

And if you come by public transport, we can pick you up in Pontós or Báscara!


The food is vegan, there are big dogs in the house and, at least for now, we recycle the water for toilet flushing ... Ah! And all this is run by a woman ... and she wears dreadlocks :-)


The kitchen is shared, the rooms sometimes as well.

We want people to take care of the home and the outside space, and to enjoy sharing.


It’s not a 5-star hotel, the luxury of Cal Clown is the magic ❤


More info at 0034 693972230


We want to open up Cal Clown to be a place of passage for travellers, as a retreat for others, and to be shared by many.


Until now, Cal Clown has been a space for growth, intense work, laughter and liberation.

Re-encountering the joy inherent in us and in life, respect for nature and animals, have always been the pillars of this residential school.


Now we are beginning a new phase, in which not only Clown lovers are welcome, but anyone who needs a retreat in nature, and who appreciates the values ​​of this place.


As always, everything will be a creation of the people present in each moment, Cal Clown only proposes a way of living.


You can come alone or with friends or family.


We will make changes in the house little by little to make your stay more comfortable.

Soon we will be developing other projects with animals, and visitor will be able to get to know and learn from them.


Now we are at the beginning of this new stage, each moment will be different and will have its own charm ...

When will be your time to come?


We are open to some people ending up staying to develop projects of various kinds, but that, as always, we will leave to Life, as it emerges, although if you have an idea or a dream in particular, related to nature, animals, veganism or healing, please contact us at +34 693972230

The House

An old farmhouse with kitchen, living room, four large bedrooms, two bathrooms, balconies...

Walks in the nearby woods

The great holly oak 

The terrace

Swimming in the River Fluvià 

The Tent

14m in diameter and 9m high, the tent was designed with clowns in mind. The white roof allows for maximum light.


At Cal Clown live 3 dogs and a cat : Groucho, Alma, Cua and Gatito. Groucho and Alma are large friendly dogs. Cal Clown is their home and they will be delighted to welcome you and will never complain about sharing their space with you. They are maestros of play and love. If you are afraid of or allergic to these animals we encourage you to come and overcome it, many people have changed their ideas and ways of relating to them having spent time at Cal Clown ;-) 

The library

The food at Cal Clown is vegetarian

bathroom                          bedroom