Why study at Cal Clown?


Discovery of clown in depth. Every person, every student is unique and we make sure each student has the maximum opportunity to discover, understand and take advantage of what clown is for them.


Devising methods. There are few opportunities to learn in detail how to construct clown numbers. Our course is unique in its range and depth, combining theories of how clown and comedy work with a realistic and practical approach, seeking the personal comedy in each student. 


Complete Training. We pride ourselves on having developed a training that is able to combine the intensely personal internal work of finding your own clown, with the practical business of making material that really works for audiences in a variety of contexts. 


Performance Practice. We give students the maximum opportunities to try out their clowns in front of real audiences in different contexts. Combining work in class with real-life practice is the best way to learn to a professional standard.


Professional Training. Our aim is to prepare students for professional life. We expect you to leave the course with enough material to be able to begin to work professionally with your clown, and with your own criteria and the ability to keep creating independently in the future. 


Resources. A spacious tent, designed with clowns in mind in its dimensions (14m diameter, 9m high); props and costumes; a specialised library of books and DVDs, including many rare or difficult to find items. 


A unique life experience. The fact of living together with people that initially do not know each other but who have shared interests is, we believe, both an enriching experience and a challenge for the student, a challenge that we think is positive for anyone who wishes to live and know Clown.