Social Clown and Creative two-month Residencies


from 9th June until 4th de August (enrolment deadline 11th May)


from 8th September until 3rd November (enrolment deadline 8th August)

A wonderful and unique opportunity to learn and do Social Clowning in a supportive setting  in nature.

Cal Clown finally opens its doors for two consecutive months, on order to be able to offer a more relaxed, with more time to assimilate experiences experience and enjoy the space and the company, and to connect and learn from nature


These residencies are for those who want to have time to:


Create alone and with others, in a place as magical as the tent at Cal Clown, or in the open air, enjoying the wonderful weather and calm of the location.


Explore during the weekly visits to a variety of centres and the street, both performing devised numbers and improvising and relating close up to people.


Share your experiences with the group, learning from each other, reflecting on video recordings of your outings.


Have free time, that you can organise as you wish, using it either for trips away from Cal Clown or for street performing, or to go to the beach, or stay and relax, rehearse in the tent, reflect on clowning watching Clara’s video course, read books from the clown library, go down to the river, etc.


Cook together and learn about vegan food, and share our daily moments outside of class, organising group shopping and looking after each other.


How do the Social Clown Residencies work?


A group of maximum 7 people will live at Cal Clown for two months.


The scheduled activities are:


Two full days per week working in the tent with Clara, (the days of class or directing numbers maybe up to 9 hours), or one day of class and one day performing outside of the school (depending on the rhythm of the group), to put into practice what is learned and created in class. Each outing to perform or visit will be followed by group reflections and Clara’s feedback and guidance moving forward.


During class and directing days Clara will give a wealth of ideas aimed at each individual based on their needs, to enable each person to work alone in their free time, to be shown on the next class day. Numbers will be rehearsed with Clara’s comments, and rehearsals continue alone to be worked on at the next meeting.


Apart from their work with Clara, rehearsing alone or with the group, each student will have access to the clown library and video library.


The student who is keen to learn and work shall always find in Clara the help, guidance and enthusiasm to create a variety of unique numbers and will receive from her a source of support and confidence. As always, it will depend each person how much benefit they receive from their stay at Cal Clown.


Clara offers much to each student, material, ideas, support, as well as the freedom to create, always searching the way for each person to acquire their own autonomous criteria as a creator and Clown, which will prove so necessary once they return home in order to continue on their Clown adventure.


The Clown work carried out during these two months will cover all of the material taught on the One-Month Professional Clown Courses, but with more time to digest and to prepare numbers.


Two basic lines of work are followed, which will merge into each other:


Firstly, understanding what the Clown is, from where it comes and how to access it easily. This is normally relatively rapid, leading on to working on the other aspect:

The understanding of what humour is and how it works.

Both aspects will be worked on simultaneously, adding humour to heart, heart to humour, all from an in-depth understanding, allowing us to continue to be Good Clowns in the future, and to create original numbers.


Clara know how to guide students swiftly to connect with their Clown, as well as understanding how the Clown works. This enables the student to go out and experiment early on, and to learn correctly, since the guidelines will have been established clearly, allowing an understanding of why things do or do not work.


Some of the concepts worked on intensively at Cal Clown are:


Pleasure, innocence, emptiness, craziness, the heart, honesty, failure and success, offers, skills and ineptitudes, formulas of humour and incorrectness, contrast, rhythm and focus, and the message we want to transmit.   


For more information on the syllabus contact us by WhatsApp or email.


Clara Cenoz has been a Clown since 1993 and a teacher for the last 15 years. During this time she has helped hundreds of students from all over the world to know their Clown and create original and personal numbers am dot believe in themselves and their art.


Now, as well as directing the School, she gives online courses and direction.


"At Cal Clown I had a healing experience, during the course I recovered my joy, my innocence and my enthusiasm. My feedback is my gratitude to this cosy house, the loving animals and to Clara, a master of performance and of clown philosophy, both in and out of the classes. " (Gemma, student 2018)


“It is super fun with you! You are a great teacher! You give me back this feeling of 'oh, that's easy'. Not every clown teacher does that with me. It's a great gift.” (Amber, student 2018)

How much does the Social Clown and Creative Residency cost?


There are two ways to do this residency, with or without Exchange work.  


With exchange work:


You will carry out varied jobs at Cal Clown, from painting to building fences, maintenance of spaces, costume repair, etc.

These tasks will be carried out together with other exchange workers in a common schedule, under the organisation of one person responsible for the task. The work will be a total of 9 hours per week, spread over two mornings or afternoons (depending on the weather and hours of light). In this case, the student will only have to pay the costs of their accommodation and stay, €210 per month.


Without exchange work:


The student will have more free time than in the above.

In this case the student will pay the monthly amount for their accommodation, stay, classes, direction and outings, €560 per month.


Note: students living at Cal Clown are always responsible for maintaining spaces clean and tidy, this being part of their daily life here, not of exchange work.


During the stay with exchange work the student will have 3 days and 2 mornings free per week to organise as they wish. In the stay without exchange work they will have five free days.  


As during other courses, the food costs will be the student’s responsibility, although the School will facilitate the organisation of shopping trips. Shopping lists and budget, and their management, is entirely up to the group, and forms part of the communal life, in which many can discover vegan food and its benefits.

Costs will always be kept low as far as possible, and buying as a group is not usually expensive (on free days students can eat elsewhere as they wish)


The dates of the next Residencies in 2019 are:


From 9th June until 4th August (deadline to enrol 11th May)


From 8th September until 3rd November (deadline to enrol 8th August)


As there is not much time before the first Residency and places are very restricted, we ask you to get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested.


We hope you like this new initiative at the Escola de Clown Cal Clown, and may give rise to the creation of a Clown and vegan community, connected with joy and nature.

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