Other Teachers 


Since the Escola de Clown opened in 2006, a wide range of teachers have given classes. 



Note from the director/teacher Clara Cenoz:

I will be delighted to share with you these workshops and the wonderful space which is Cal Clown. As usual, Iwill do everything in my power to help you to get to that state which we call “Clown” and to understand well how it works and why, since I believe in your knowledge, your wisdom and your ability to attain the wholeness which Clown offers. I will not spare any efforts, quite the contrary, you will have to stop me in order to have lunch or dinner ... I can only say that what makes me happy, among other things, is to see how students acquire that light which is so characteristic of having made the “click” on finding the Clown and the freedom and joy which that brings, and to see that, once again, another Clown has been born, a Clown who will lengthen the list of people who work to bring happiness and love to our world which, without doubt, it needs.

Clara Cenoz 


Director of the Escola de Clown; Clown Teacher

Founder and Director of the Escola de Clown. Clown, director and teacher for the last 19 years, she has performed and griten more than 12 shows, touring festivals, theatres, streets, tents and bars throughout Europe, as Companyia d’Idiotes (with Jon Davison) since 1993. She trained at École Philippe Gaulier. 

Jon Davison (co-founder of the Escola de Clown) - Clown, Music, Devising and Directing, History and Theory 

Gary Boardman - Magic, Street Performing

Núria Pereto - Hospital Clown 

Àngel Amieva -Slapstick 

Pablo Muñoz - Clown and Magic

Fabrizio Bonora - Movement and Acrobatics

Chris Lynam - Slapstick and Street Clown

Sara Pons - Dance and Movement 

Danny Schlesinger - Clown, Mask and Balloons

Moshe Cohen - Clown, Zen and Butoh

Sue Morrison - Clown and Mask

Hilary Ramsden - Clown-Activism (Clown Rebel Army)

Marta Ribas – Street Clown

Pedro Herreros – Acting and Improvisation

Jesús Jara - Clown 

Jango Edwards - Clown 

Loco Brusca - Street Clown

John Beale - Clown 

Franki Anderson - Fool 

Carlo Mô - Clown 

Natalia Barraza - Trapeze

Pepe Jiménez – Commedia dell’Arte and Buffon

Marta Serena - Hospital Clown 

Carlos Gallegos - Clown