A course in Cal Clown is not just a course, it's an intense experience generated by the mixture of daily contact with nature, living with other fellow students, cooking vegetarian food together, sharing hopes, dreams, and, specially, of learning the art of Clown in the tent, the river, the house and in several shows in varied venues!!


Every course is an unrepeatable experience, unique, dependant on who is at Cal Clown at that moment, the time of the year and the magic that is out of our control. Whatever happens, we can assure you that it will be intense, memorable and truthfull. In  your future you will feel the rippling effect of the Clown teachings in your Clowning, and in your personal life, as an unstoppable process that will be very rooted in your soul after staying in Cal Clown. Our approach to Clown is unique because the learning is not just during class time, it´s all day during all the activities. We believe Clown is not just a profession, it´s a state of mind and heart. As the Clown's intention is to spread Love and Joy, the person aspiring to be a Clown will therefore intend to live Love and Joy in all their actions and thoughts, in order to BE it for others, as much as possible, and this will affect their habits and ways of relating to the world.    


There are not many places where you can live such an intense, spiritual and holistic Clown experience as in Cal Clown. Obviously it will depend on your attitude and level of dedication and work, but with putting just a bit of yourself into the course and the experience you will gain more knowledge and experience than you would in twice the time the course lasts. 


L'Escola de Clown de Barcelona was founded in 2006 by Clara Cenoz with the constant support of Jon Davison. In 2009 they moved it to Girona, to a beautiful house in the middle of the woods, and this place since then has been called Cal Clown, which means in Catalan “The House of the Clown”.